From the Stock Market to the Job Market

From analyzing financial statements to learning about brokering multi-national funding projects and everything in between, this minor will teach you what you need to know to become a top performer in the global economy. Intrigued about investing? Curious about crowdsourcing?

At Keuka College, you’ll study the spectrum of financing, from traditional stocks and bonds, to alternative investments, and explore the impact that international considerations will have on business decisions in a global—and mobile—world.

Minor Overview

Bear markets vs. Bull markets. Conservative or aggressive? Stocks, bonds, day-trading, international economies, daily cash flow, interest rates, hedge funds, money markets—there’s a lot of ground to cover in today’s financial world. If your sights are set on a competitive position among the world’s financial leaders, you need sound fiscal training to chart a growth plan with confidence.

Whether you aspire to work for a traditional lending firm, get involved in launching a startup with alternative funding, recruit capital investors, or become a financial consultant or counselor, you’ll need a solid foundation in the fine arts of negotiation, brokering investments, and money management. Our Finance minor can prepare you for a future in banking, lending, investments, and international trade. Learn to make smart moves as a money manager, whether your work is on behalf of a large, multinational corporation, or a small business start-up.

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  • A Fiscal Foundation: Aspiring finance managers need a fundamental understanding of economics, cash flow, profit, loss, and investment to be successful in today’s business world. This minor solidifies the critical foundation you’ll need to succeed.
  • Your Finance Engine: Nearly every organization has financial needs. You must know the elements of the financial engine that is driving your business to successfully navigate the ins and outs of the financial maze. Master this knowledge and rev up to meet the challenges of the road before you.
  • Business Beyond Borders: Thanks to a broad scope of study, you’ll be able to leverage your minor in Finance to a wide range of careers in the business realm, including banking, investing, financial planning or management, portfolio management, and personal and corporate finance. Or turn your minor into a stepping stone toward further study as you pursue a graduate degree in a range of business and management fields.

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