Sustainability: Learn How to Truly Balance People, Planet, and Profit

A drastic shift in the global climate has made “once-in-a-lifetime” weather events regular occurrences, the race for cleaner energy sources has turned long-established business models inside-out, and the effects of an ongoing pandemic have exacted physical, mental, and emotional tolls on society at large.

As our growing population continues its industrial and technological development, the importance of approaching every aspect of life in a sustainable way has never been greater. Fortunately, sustainability has become a top concern for students who are eager to find new ways to navigate the natural, social, and economic challenges that lie ahead.

As a Sustainability student at Keuka College, you’ll learn that the key to sustainability is an interdependent relationship between economic, societal, and environmental factors. These aren’t just trends. Sustainability is a lifestyle – and a lifelong commitment. 

Program Highlights

An Internship Every Year

Real-world, hands-on experience is an important part of your Sustainability degree. Every year, beginning your first year, you'll design a Field Period® experience that could take you under the wing of a sustainable fashion designer, into the lab to study meat alternatives, or to a launchpad to research sustainable commercial spaceflight. The choice is yours!

Doing Well by Doing Good

In this program, you’ll study the most cutting-edge aspects of sustainability, from cryptocurrency and disaster risk reduction to electric cars and supply-chain innovations. Discover ways in which we all can contribute to a more healthy and sustainable world, and prepare to incorporate them into the green jobs of the future.

In-Demand Skills

Sustainability is one of the most versatile majors you can choose. It will prepare you for hundreds of future career paths. That’s because there’s virtually no part of the world -- the business world, especially -- that won’t have to adapt its practices to meet the new and evolving challenges of operating sustainably. You’ll develop the skills necessary to guide these new practices, establishing a foundation from which you can build the career of your choice.

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As the world population continues to grow, and as society continues its industrial and technological development, the importance of doing this in a sustainable way has never been greater. 

Sustainability majors at Keuka College will engage in meaningful and substantial coursework from the three spheres of sustainability (Business, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences) to provide them with the background and foundation necessary to enter a wide variety of fields and professions ensuring a more prosperous, environmentally friendly and just society for their local community, country, and world. 

In addition to the well-rounded liberal arts education every Keuka College student receives, students majoring in Sustainability will develop the following skills:

  • Acquire a strong foundation in each of the three disciplines that comprise sustainability.
  • Intelligently discuss why considerations of sustainability are essential to current and future development.
  • Form hypotheses and write proposals related to sustainable systems on a local and national level.
  • Understand and embrace multiple geographical, practical, and cultural perspectives on sustainability.
  • Become a better overall communicator through critical reading, writing, and speaking.

Program Requirements

What Can I Do with a Sustainability Degree

The B.A. in Sustainability leads to a variety of different career paths, including:

  • Ecologist
  • Economist
  • Energy Broker
  • Energy Consultant
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Specialist/Inspector
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Educator
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Environmental Restoration Planner
  • Industrial Ecologist
  • Land Manager
  • Natural Resource Manager/Conservation
  • Scientist
  • Policy Analyst
  • Sustainable Design Specialist
  • Sustainability Advisor/Director
  • Urban and Regional Planner

Keuka College's Field Period

Much More Than An Annual Internship

A woman looks at a mountain. There is a goal flag on the top of the mountain, and dotted lines and milestone markers that track toward the goal.

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Build Your Résumé

And Your Own Professional Network

icon of experience gears

Get Real Experience

You'll Use in Your Field and Throughout Your Life

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Discover Yourself

Learn What You Like and Where You Want to Go

Field Period® was the best experience in my life, and I believe I grew as an individual. I believe nothing compares to actually being able to learn through doing. I could have never learned what I did from a textbook. 

I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone is essential for growth, and that’s something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Hailey Willis '21

Where Can I Complete a Sustainability Field Period?

Because the Sustainability degree is grounded in three core areas — business, natural sciences, and social sciences — Field Period opportunities are plentiful and can be found in nearly any organization. Sites that have recently hosted sustainability related Field Periods include:

  • Arnot Forest Timber Management Program
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife
  • Drexel University
  • Earth Day Coalition
  • ENVOY Environmental Consultants
  • Fair Winds Gun Club
  • Faun Lake
  • Freedom Ranch
  • GIVE Volunteers
  • Hawk Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  • Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge
  • New York DEC
  • NRCS Pennsylvania
  • Ronald Riedman Hatchery
  • SPCA Wildlife Unit
  • The Chemical Brothers
  • The Ross Park Zoo
  • Wild Wings Inc
  • Yates County Community Center

Your future sustainability professors are much more than exceptional teachers — they’re accomplished researchers and extraordinary academic advisors. For additional information on the Sustainability program, contact Dr. Steven Barber at [email protected]

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