Student Printing

Student Printing

Students print to Find Me, which allows you to use any printer on campus! To use Find Me, select it from list of available printers. Walk up to a printer, type in your ID number, and select the file you'd like to print.  

Each semester, on-campus students are allocated $37.00 in print credits. Online students who wish to print on campus are welcomed to do so by adding funds to their student ID card. Black and white copies are $0.06 each, and color copies are $0.12. If you run out of print funds prior to the close of the academic year, you can add print funds at the Office of Student Accounts in Ball Hall.

Mobile Printing

You do not have to use a college computer in order to print. With our mobile printing utility, you can use any personal mobile device to send a print job to Find Me at the Mobile Printing Site

After installing the Mobility Print app on your Windows or Mac computer, select "FindMe" as your printer choice during the installation process. Once completed, you can chose 'Find Me' from available printers and access your print queue throughout campus. 

As a reminder, in order to print to Find Me you will need to be connected to either the campus WiFi, or connected via an ethernet cable.

Cell Phone and Tablets

As most of us know, Android, Apple and Windows mobile devices are completely separate animals! With that in mind, users attempting to print from their mobile phones and tablets will share different experiences.

Once the app is installed, you should now be able to open an application, such as your email, and select print. The Mobility app will open and show you a preview of the file you are printing. Make sure 'FindMe' is selected at the top. If it isn't, you can click on the dropdown to the right of available printers to select it. Choose any preferences you may need; such as number of copies, print in color, etc. Once you're ready, click the yellow print button. 

Your print job is now available in the 'FindMe' print queue. Walk up to any printer on campus, enter your ID number on the screen, select the print job from the list and print. 

When it comes to printing from a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet, not all things are equal. Again, your experiences will be different depending on which mobile device you are printing from.