Student Employment

At Keuka College, student employment is more than a job, it's an experience valued by faculty, staff, and the entire campus community.

This experience, outside the classroom, provides an opportunity for students to practice and learn valuable work-related skills and, at the same time, help meet educational and personal expenses while at Keuka College.

The Student Employment program provides students with the opportunity to work part-time and earn a paycheck. If a student qualifies, Federal Work-Study (FCW) or Keuka College Work-Study (KWW) will be awarded as part of the students' financial aid package. This award can be found on the your financial aid award letter. The total amount awarded is what the student is eligible to earn for the academic year and is based on information provided on the FAFSA. In order to work on campus during the academic year, students must have a work-study award.

Students are not guaranteed employment and must be proactive in applying for open positions. Student employment is based on job availability, scheduling and skills. 

Student employment opportunities are available on our employment portal. These positions are available only to students that have received work study awards as part of their student financial aid package (see Financial Aid for more information on work study awards).

To apply for a particular job you are interested in, please be sure to read the application instructions fully and follow them closely. All prospective employers will require students to complete an application including a resume and some may require an in-person interview.

Search for Student Jobs

Tips for Applying

  • Students need to create a username and password, complete the application and have an updated resume in order to apply.
  • You don’t have to wait until you arrive on campus to begin applying.  
  • Apply to multiple jobs! There are lots of students applying to jobs so it is highly recommended that you apply to many different jobs so you have a good chance at securing employment.
  • Wait patiently while your applications are reviewed! Please remember that many students may apply to the same job and supervisors need time to go through all applications.
  • Continually check job postings. Remember that jobs are posted throughout the year so if you didn’t get your first choice…keep looking.
  • It is very important to remember that being awarded Federal Work Study does not guarantee you a job. You must secure a position in order to receive work study earnings.

Student employees who have not previously worked for Keuka College will receive an email from the Office of Human Resources with information about completing new hire paperwork, attending orientation, and completing the I-9 form. These students must attend orientation and complete all paperwork before they can begin working.

Under federal law, all new employees must complete Form I-9 and submit documentation to verify their identity and their eligibility for employment. You can find more information about the I-9 process on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

I-9 documentation requirements will vary depending on your citizenship status and place of residence. Please review this table to determine which documents you will need to submit and ensure that you have these documents ready before you start your new job. Original documents must be presented during your orientation; paper copies or scans will not be accepted.

All students are required to complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form and new hire paperwork after they've been offered employment but before they begin working. International students who have been offered employment are eligible to apply for a United States social security number. The Office of Human Resources will assist international students with completing the appropriate paperwork.