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Information Technology

How do I connect to WiFi?

Students connect to the Keuka College WiFi network on all of their wireless devices. Some consoles, such as Smart TV’s and gaming consoles may require you to register your device to our network. You can register your device at and then connect to Keuka College WiFi network. 


How do I download Microsoft Office?

As a student, you have access to Microsoft 365 that is provided by the college. To download and use Microsoft apps, visit and login with your KC email and password. Once you are logged into the Microsoft portal, you will see the option to install Office. 

You can install Office on up to 5 devices using your school account. For mobile devices, get the individual Microsoft Office apps from the App Store and use your KC Email/Password to activate the license. 

What happens to my email after I graduate?

The Keuka College email you use while you are a student will be turned off 6 months after you graduate. When your academic status changes, an email will be sent to your student account with instructions on how to migrate your data.

What should I do if I don't own a laptop?

Computer labs are available in the Lightner Library, Jephson Hall, and Hegeman Hall. In addition to labs, business centers are located in each residence hall with computers and a printer. You can also request to borrow laptops and other technology from the IT Service Desk. To request loaner equipment, please visit


Can I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

At any KC login screen, we have provided a *password utility to make resetting your own password as easy as ever. Select ‘Can’t access your account’ and follow the on-screen prompts to have a verification code sent to your personal email, text to your cell phone, or a phone call. 

You can also call our IT Help Desk at (315) 279-5217 option 3 to speak with a support technician for password support. 

*Our password reset utility will only allow you to proceed if you have already provided alternate contact information. If you have not provided this, you can by logging in to KC Portal and opting to provide security and contact information. 

Does it cost me to print on campus?

Students are allocated $37.00 in print credits each semester. Black & white copies are $0.05 each and color copies are $0.12. If you run out of your printing credits prior to the end of the semester, you can add printing funds at the Office of Student Accounts in Ball Hall. 

Where can I print on campus?

The short answer is, anywhere. When printing, select the printer called "Follow Me Print," walk up to any printer on campus, swipe your ID card and select to release your print job. To set up printing from your personal devices, visit the Mobile Printing Portal

Can I continue to use my school account to access Microsoft 365 after I graduate?

No, only active students are licensed to use Keuka College’s Microsoft 365 account. Graduated students will lose access to their Microsoft 365 license immediately following graduation.