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Health & Counseling Center

How many counselors does the Counseling Center have?

There are 2 licensed mental health professionals available to students.

How do I make an appointment?

Students can make a counseling appointment by calling our office (315) 279-5368 or through email @ [email protected] 

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

When a student is first seen is determined by availability of the counselor, the student's schedule, as well as severity of presenting concern.

Are my health and counseling records the same?

No, these are two different files that are kept in separately. Health staff can only access your mental health records after obtaining a release of information from you.

Does Counseling Services provide documentation for missed classes, housing changes, or special accommodations?

Although counselors can help advocate for students they see, they do not complete official paperwork in order to change/excuse student responsibilities to Keuka College. In the event a student needs help in these areas, they will be referred to the Disability Support Office.

Are there session limits?

Students are seen for a limited number of sessions during the semester. Students are provided alternative counseling solutions if ongoing care is needed.

Are services confidential?

Absolutely, your information cannot be shared with anyone without written consent (any limits to confidentiality are reviewed with you during your first appointment).

Is there any way of being seen earlier?

Being seen immediately is often not possible due to the high number of students seeking services.  We do however have a cancellation list which gives students the opportunity to be seen earlier than their scheduled appointment if space opens up unexpectedly. Students are also provided resources off campus if they wish to set up a counseling appointment earlier with an outside provider.

Is counseling ever mandated?

No. Though there may be times when students are referred to the Counseling Center or asked to complete an evaluation; ultimately students have the ability to determine whether or not they want to engage in counseling.

How do I make an appointment?

Students can make a counseling appointment by calling our office (315) 279-5368 or through email at [email protected] 

What type of counseling services are available?

Short-term, brief supportive individual counseling. 

Can I get help finding services off campus?

Yes. A counselor can meet with you to help find a therapist/professional off-campus or in your area.