Health & Human Services

Our Health and Human Services Programs Are Famous for Launching the Careers of Thousands of Everyday Heroes

Your friends and family know the real you. They're there when you struggle and we bet you're there for them too.  

You’re thinking you might want a career that lets you help people outside your circle of friends. Mr. Rogers said his mother always told him, ‘“look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”  And that’s so... you.  You’re a helper.  

You’ve thought, “maybe I should be a doctor” (or a social worker, a nurse, a counselor, or an occupational therapist). Now, you have to decide “what college makes the most sense for me?” and “How do I choose the right one?”

Let us help you answer that question: Keuka College. Because we are the helpers, too. 

Our small size, dynamic faculty, Field Period® experiences (four health internships!), and vibe make us a great choice for you.

When you choose Keuka College you don’t just get a cool campus smack dab on the shores of one of the most gorgeous lakes in the world, you get a family. A support system. We can't wait to have you join us!

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Meet Your Counselor

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Pete Bekisz
Erica Doherty
Annie Stull
Kaylen Van Wagner
Morgan Schultz
Courtney Elias
Sarah Pray

Where Can I Work?

Hospitals and clinics [public and private]
Private practice
Government agencies
Social service agencies
Nursing homes
Rehabilitation centers
K-12 schools [public and private]
Biomedical/pharmaceutical companies
Colleges and universities

What Can I Do?

Mental Health Counselor
Registered Nurse
Occupational Therapist
Physician’s Assistant
Coordinator of Rehabilitation Services
Corporate Wellness Educator
Public Health Officer
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I am so happy to have been a part of the Child & Family Studies program family.

I have made connections with faculty and other students that have made my experience here so fulfilling.

Angie Champagne '20