Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Keuka College’s Criminology and Criminal Justice major offers you classroom and real-world experience in ethics, law, and social, behavioral, and political sciences.

Together, we’ll build a foundation for understanding, explaining, and preventing crime, as well as informing the understanding and enacting of criminal justice policies and practices.

Thanks to research and investigative learning opportunities in both the classroom and the field, you’ll be ready for multifaceted roles in government agencies, courts, law enforcement, and human services.

students in a parking lot looking for evidence in a setup crime scene

Immerse Yourself in the Criminal Justice System

The cornerstone of a Keuka College education is Field Period® — four separate real-world opportunities, one every year, starting with your first year.

Whether in a police station, a courthouse, or an attorney’s office, your four Field Period® experiences will give you the chance to work with criminal justice professionals and explore different professions and career paths while you're still in school.

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Program Overview

Criminology and Criminal Justice Major

Break into the field of crime and social justice, or cement your competitive edge in law enforcement with our B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Our program opens the doors for careers in law enforcement, public and private investigations, corrections, probation, education, law, juvenile services, and intelligence. 
Our curricula provide a broad overview of all aspects of the criminal justice system and its three chief components (police, courts, and corrections/community corrections). You’ll also be instructed in ethics, crime theory, juvenile delinquency, and homeland security.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Minor

No matter what your major, a minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice will help prepare you for multifaceted roles in government agencies, courts, law enforcement, and human services. Research and investigative learning opportunities in the classroom and the field will further help prepare you for multifaceted roles in the career of your choice. 

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Direct experience in the field helps you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to use information and technology as crime-fighting tools. In the course of your Field Period® experiences and internships, you’ll gain first-hand experience using analytic tools, criminal information systems, firearm and other training simulations, and accident reconstruction programs.

In addition, many of our students engage in original research, collecting information, and publishing reports for stakeholders. Others use online research to assist their organization with web design and community relations, criminal investigations, and database development.