Keep Keuka College.... Keuka College!

The Keuka Fund

Tuition covers only 75% of a Keuka College education. This financial model; however, is not unusual. Tuition at Keuka College, as at most colleges, has never reflected the true cost of educating students.

In keeping with the College’s mission and core values, tuition dollars are largely invested in teaching, learning, and student success. As a result, limited resources remain for initiatives that will attract new students or retain current ones.

Keuka College depends on annual gifts—like yours—to pick up where tuition and the endowment leave off.

The Keuka Fund is the vehicle we rely on each year to close the gap between what students pay and what it actually costs to educate them.

Your investment in the fund demonstrates your commitment to the College’s mission and allows us to invest more proactively in the people entrusted to our care: students and faculty.