What's a 'Transfer Acorn Award' and How Did It Make College More Affordable and Less Stressful for Kasey Wertman ’23?

A scholarship for transfer students solidified Kasey Wertman's Decision to Transfer to Keuka College

Friday, August 28, 2020
1 min. read

Before transferring to Keuka College, Kasey Wertman ’23 chose an online college experience, which accommodated the long hours and demands of her job. 

And that worked for a while, but Kasey quickly realized that this learning format just wasn't the best for her. 

“I wasn't able to retain much information, and I felt like I wasn't truly learning anything,” says Kasey, a psychology major. “I truly learn better in a classroom as opposed to online, and being able to discuss things and ask questions in real-time helps me as well.” 

After finding a new job and receiving positive feedback about Keuka College from friends and coworkers, she decided to transfer. And receiving a Transfer Acorn Award sealed the deal.

Transfer Acorn Awards are annual scholarships of up to $9,150 for full-time transfer students who maintain satisfactory academic performance. These scholarships are renewable each year for up to four years of undergraduate study at Keuka College.

“We all know that receiving a college education can be extremely expensive, and this deters a lot of people from even trying,” says Kasey. “Applying for scholarships, whether you believe you'll receive them or not, may truly work out in your favor and benefit you greatly. It ended up being a great decision for me.”

Receiving a Transfer Acorn Award has made Kasey’s College experience more affordable and less stressful for her. 

Receiving a scholarship and being able to brush the weight of part, or even all, of the cost of college off your shoulders makes the experience more enjoyable. It's definitely worth it.

And Kasey has enjoyed Keuka College’s close-knit, family atmosphere.

“I love that Keuka College is a smaller school and the class sizes are small,” she says. “This allows me to feel closer to my classmates and gives me a chance to create a more positive, personal relationship with my professors. The professors and my advisors have been very supportive and understanding. I can't wait to be back in the classroom.”