A 'Transfer Green and Gold Scholarship' Made Emily Hoffman ’22's Dream of Going to College a Reality

Keuka College was able to offer the Communication Studies major a scholarship while previous schools she attended did not.

Friday, August 28, 2020
1 min. read

Like a lot of students looking at colleges, Emily Hoffman ’22 was concerned about the potential cost of her education. So when she wanted to transfer, she was looking for a college that was more affordable. 

“Keuka College was able to offer me a scholarship while my past schools did not,” says Emily, who received the College’s Transfer Green and Gold Scholarship. “The more affordable cost of Keuka College has really helped make my dream of going to college a reality. And I feel confident in my decision to go to school here.”

The Transfer Green and Gold Scholarship is just one of many grants and scholarships Keuka College makes available to transfer students. Some are worth as much as $12,150 a year.

In addition to transferring to Keuka College for the scholarship, Emily, a Communication Studies major chose the College for the opportunity to play Women’s Lacrosse. 

I am so happy to be a part of the Women’s Lacrosse team here on campus. I feel lucky to be on a team where we all share the same passion and drive.

Being a student-athlete is great at Keuka College, Emily adds, because there is a great balance between sports and academics. She is “easily able to have fun playing lacrosse and getting my school work done.”

And while the scholarship and playing lacrosse are important to Emily, what means even more to her is Keuka College’s small campus.

“Coming from larger schools, I can easily say that I feel more comfortable in a smaller environment,” says Emily. “I am not just a number here on campus, I am my own person. I've been able to make lots of friends, and get to know faculty very well. It's great getting to know your professors and receive any help you may need.”

And as Emily learned, that help can be academic or financial. 

“It's definitely worth it to apply because it's likely there's a scholarship fit for you,” says Emily. “I feel appreciative that Keuka College keeps its transfer students in mind when awarding scholarships. I love attending a school that is willing to help their students reach their goals. I knew Keuka College would be the right fit for me.”