Transfer Achievement Award Made Keuka College More Affordable for Emily Bockman ’23

Knowing that Keuka College recognizes and rewards the success of its students was a great feeling for the Occupational Therapy major.

Friday, August 28, 2020
1 min. read

Keuka College is well-known for its Occupational Therapy program. One of the most rigorous and demanding programs the College offers, it’s exactly why Emily Bockman ’23 chose to transfer to the College.

“I specifically chose Keuka College for its well-known and accredited Occupational Therapy program, as well as the College’s unique Field Period® experiences, where students are able to explore their interests,” says Emily. “The beautiful scenery of the College campus located on the shores of Keuka Lake was the cherry on top!”

And if that sundae had sprinkles, it would be that Emily received the Transfer Achievement Award in acknowledgment of all of her previous academic successes.

The Transfer Achievement Award, which can provide as much as $12,150, is one of several annual scholarships that the College makes available to transfer students.

We all know college can be expensive so, thankfully, this scholarship allowed Keuka College to be more of an affordable option. It was also a great feeling knowing that Keuka College makes sure to recognize and reward the success of its students.

As a transfer student, Emily admits to being nervous about completing the college process all over again. But she couldn’t be happier in her decision to attend Keuka College.

“The small campus size provided a sense of comfort and community,” says Emily. “The faculty made me feel so welcomed and showed their genuine interest in my individual success. The professors immediately became friends.” 

Now, Emily has some advice for those looking to find their own place of comfort and community.

“To the students fresh out of high school, transfer students, or adults changing their career path that are interested in Keuka College, become a Wolf today!” she says.