Welcome to the Hawkins Lounge

Keuka College’s student center has a new focal point – and its use is limited only by students’ imagination.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

One of Keuka College’s best spaces for students has a new name.

The renovated D-46 Lounge in the Dahlstrom Student Center -- which formerly housed the College bookstore -- has been rechristened as the William H. and Juanita Rotz Hawkins ’67 Lounge or, more informally, the Hawkins Lounge.

The title comes in appreciation of the strong support that Mrs. Hawkins and, before his passing, Mr. Hawkins have demonstrated to the College – both over the years and for the D-46 renovations in particular.

The Hawkins Lounge is already becoming a vibrant social hub for the student community.

Jon Accardi, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

“Keuka College is blessed to have incredibly generous alumni like Juanita, who have helped enhance the College experience for, literally, thousands of students,” said College President Amy Storey. “She’s been a staunch supporter on many projects. With the Hawkins Lounge, it’s nice to finally see her publicly acknowledged.”

Mrs. Hawkins said she’s simply giving back.

“It is my pleasure,” she said. “Both my husband and I benefited from the Keuka Experience and we have felt very grateful to be part of the Keuka College family.”

The re-imaged gathering space was a year in the making. The walls were removed and a handicap-accessible ramp was added, along with new ceilings and flooring and a projection screen used for presentations, movies, and games.

Formerly used as a bookstore and then a makeshift classroom and event space, the lounge has new purpose and vitality – even as students adhere to social distancing and other public-health protocols while gathering there.

“The Hawkins Lounge is already becoming a vibrant social hub for the student community,” said Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Jon Accardi. “It provides a space for students to socialize between classes, hold public gatherings and forums, conduct Student Senate meetings, screen movies, and utilize for a variety of other events.”

Along with the projection screen, the room has been outfitted with a new sound system, LED monitors along the wall for streaming or collaborative work, and plenty of outlets (with USB ports) for students to charge their devices. Seating is a “choose-your-own-adventure” concept: Tables and chairs, booth seating, stadium seating by the staircase, and multiple styles of lounge chairs are all available. 

Another space within the student center has also been renovated. The College’s Esports Arena has been upgraded with the addition of 21 cutting-edge iBUYPOWER gaming PCs, and a complete floor-to-ceiling upgrade of the dedicated space.

Keuka College’s Varsity Esports Team was one of the first in the nation and the very first among NCAA Division III institutions. The College also offers both a major and a minor in the growing field of esports management. We expect the Esports Arena will be a focal point of academic, athletic, and recreational activity.