Keuka College’s New Director of Campus Life Is Focused on Creating More Student Leadership Opportunities

Lifelong educator Laura Dulski aims to enhance students’ residence life experience.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

As Keuka College’s students were finishing final projects and packing up their belongings in anticipation of the Spring semester’s end, Laura Dulski was doing the opposite. 

The College’s new Director of Campus Life was just getting settled into her new role, which she began on May 2, just weeks before Commencement. But in those few weeks, she has already gotten a taste of the College’s characteristic collegiality.
“I had multiple students come up to me, introduce themselves, invite me to things,” said Laura. “And they didn’t know me! They want me to be involved and I am looking forward to more of that.”
She said she was attracted to the College by its strong focus on student success – a trait she hopes to build on in her new role.
“I think Keuka College is very forward-thinking and student-centered,” said Laura. “I’m eager for the opportunity to make positive changes for our students.”
Laura’s primary responsibility is overseeing students’ residence life experience. That means paying close attention to students’ day-to-day residence hall activities and  interactions with their roommates and neighbors. She also oversees resident assistants and resident directors and support them in creating more robust event programming and opportunities for the students.
“Most of the time, if students are not in their classrooms, library, or student center, they are in their residence hall,” said Laura. “That is where they sleep, that is their home while they are here. Residence life programs are a huge part of what draws them here, but it’s their experience that is going to keep them here. So I must provide them with a positive experience.” 
Among Laura’s top goals are to create new leadership opportunities for College students, collaborate with multiple departments across campus for greater student success, and revitalize the Living-Learning Communities, which allow students with common interests or majors to live in the same residence halls. She also intends to offer housing for students who want to experience living with an international student.

She regards the Field Period® office as providing some untapped leadership opportunities for the RAs and RDs specifically, as well as helping to create more and different ways for all students to participate in residence life.
“I think someone in my position must look at assessment and student development theory, and stay up to date with what our students want,” she said. “That will help guide our programming and progress.”
While she may be a new face on campus, she already feels at home. 
“I enjoy being on a small campus,” said Laura. “The president knows who I am and says ‘hi’ to me. That does something personal for me, and I’ve enjoyed that. Just within a month, I feel like I know a lot of people, I know who I can go to for things, and that feels good.”
Before coming to Keuka College, Laura served as the Assistant Director of Residence Life for Training and Development at SUNY Geneseo. She has also held residence life positions at Monroe Community College, Medaille University, and Finger Lakes Community College. 
Laura earned both her bachelor’s degree (anthropology) and her master’s degree (higher education administration) from SUNY Buffalo.