Keuka College Awarded $1.6 Million Grant for Rural Community Outpatient Clinic

Keuka College secures $1.6 million to establish a new outpatient clinic in Yates County, NY. The clinic will provide vital healthcare services and hands-on experience for students.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Keuka College is thrilled to announce the approval of $1.6 million in federal funding for the College's proposed Rural Community Outpatient Clinic. This vital investment, championed by Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.), the majority leader, will bring much-needed healthcare services to Yates County and provide valuable hands-on experience for Keuka College students. 

President Biden signed the fiscal year 2024 appropriations bill into law earlier this week, securing a vital investment of $1.6 million for Keuka College and the Yates County community. This funding will be used to establish a new community outpatient clinic at the College. 

In late August, Sen. Schumer visited the Finger Lakes region and pledged his continued support for this project. 

Building a Brighter Future for Healthcare 

"This is a major win for Keuka College, our students, and the Finger Lakes," said College President Amy Storey. "The clinic aligns perfectly with our goal of educating future healthcare professionals while serving the needs of our surrounding region." 

The proposed clinic will offer a variety of medical and therapy services, addressing a critical need in a county with limited healthcare resources. 

"We are incredibly grateful to Senator Schumer for his unwavering support in securing this funding," said President Storey. "His commitment to strengthening the Finger Lakes economy and public health workforce is truly appreciated." 

Building on a Strong Foundation 

Keuka College has a long history of educating healthcare professionals, with programs in nursing, occupational therapy, and social work. Approximately 70% of Keuka College alumni remain in New York State after graduation, making a significant contribution to the state's healthcare workforce. 

Looking Ahead 

The College expects to hear from the USDA in the coming months and will then begin the process of accessing the funding and announcing detailed plans for the clinic. 

Keuka College is excited about the positive impact this clinic will have on the Yates County community and the future of healthcare in the Finger Lakes region. We are grateful for the support of Senator Schumer and all those who share our vision for a healthier future.