MSM Graduate LaQuanda Burroughs Proves Career Dreams Can Come True

Keuka College’s Master’s in Management online program “allowed me to work full time and still be a parent.”

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Time management can be difficult when you are a single parent jumping headfirst into higher education coursework. However, LaQuanda Burroughs is proof you can chase your collegiate dreams–and realize them–while working full time and supporting a family.

‘The Program Opened Up Unimaginable Doors for Me'

LaQuanda began exploring college options in hopes of bettering her family’s future. She wanted to gain knowledge in a flexible learning environment where she would thrive. Keuka College’s Master’s in Management (MSM) online program encompassed all she was looking for–and more!

“As a single parent, the program allowed me to work full-time and still be a parent,” said LaQuanda, pointing to the inviting online environment the MSM program offers. “It was flexible and offered a great curriculum.”

LaQuanda, who describes herself as a “natural-born leader” who loves to solve problems, said the College’s online management program immediately caught her eye as a way to fulfill her career interests while staying in control of her life. However, it isn’t always easy getting from Point A to Point B–especially for a mom.

“At times, I struggled with time management while dealing with life,” said LaQuanda, who faced initial challenges juggling classwork, family, and a full-time career. She quickly learned how to navigate those bumps in the road, completed the program, and accepted a new position not long after graduation.

From MSM Student to Director of Human Resources

LaQuanda rode her degree, and the new professional opportunities it afforded, to a position as the director of human resources at Lake Wales Charter Schools in Florida.

However, it’s important to remember where everything began–and for LaQuanda, that was in Rochester, N.Y.

“I was raised in a single-parent home, but always excelled in and outside of the classroom,” she said of her upbringing. “My mother was very hardworking. My late grandmother–who had the education of a third grader–always stressed the importance of education. My mother is currently a doctoral candidate at St. John Fisher College.”

LaQuanda’s family knows a thing or two about working hard and chasing dreams. And she’s proud of the path she took to her current profession. 

“[I love] being a change agent,” she said, citing the positive impact she brings to the lives of others daily. “My people skills are excellent and I love to solve problems.”

With a combination of skill, experience, and determination, no wonder LaQuanda is thriving. Though her hard work and perseverance got her to her current place of employment, Keuka College also played a huge part in getting her to where she is now.

Lifelong Knowledge, Connections, and Experience

Most college programs provide their students with knowledge that will stay with them throughout their careers. However, Keuka College is unique in that there are many ways to absorb lifelong knowledge to positively impact your future. From online courses and flexible schedules to experiential learning and hands-on curriculum, Keuka College brings forth a new kind of graduate once courses are complete.

“[I was drawn to Keuka College’s MSM program because of the] flexibility, program length, and the price of the program,” said LaQuanda. “It also allowed me to connect with like-minded adults.” 

Finding individuals who have similar interests and aspirations can be difficult in adulthood–especially for a busy parent. However, comfort in a community can reinforce focus in the classroom. Feeling accepted in a learning environment is critical and Keuka College provides that to its students–whether in-person or online.

“My favorite part of the program was meeting my colleagues,” said LaQuanda, adding that she has made lifelong friendships. “The program opened up unimaginable doors for me.” 

From feeling that sense of community to crossing the stage–virtually–to accept her degree after completing the MSM program, Burroughs has learned that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. She went from a multitasking mom to a career woman extraordinaire–thanks to hard work, perseverance, and Keuka College.