Welcome To Your KC Account

Welcome To Your KC Account

We will send your username and password to the personal email you provided during your application process. When you log in for the first time,  you will be asked to create a new password and to provide secondary contact information in case you ever need to recover your account. 

If you have deposited, but still haven't received an email with your username and password try doing the following:

  1. Search your inbox for our email address [email protected] 
  2. Check your spam folder 
  3. Contact your admissions counselor and make sure we have your most current email address on record


Forgot Your Password? It Happens.

We can't stress how important it is to make a strong password, and to change it regularly. We also get that practicing internet safety can also mean forgetting new passwords every so often. To make things easy, we have included a 'Can't access your account?' link on each of our login windows. That way, you can recover your password with the secondary contact information you provided on that first login.

If you haven't updated your recovery information previously and can't recover your password, give us a call at (315) 279-5217 option 3. We will ask you security questions and reset your password, and then remind you to update your recovery contact information. 

Manage Your Account & Recovery Information 

You can manage your account, recovery contact information, and change your password by visiting myaccount.microsoft.com. If you have any questions or issues about your account, contact the IT Service Desk at [email protected], or (315) 279-5217 option 3.