Digital Design

Communicate with Vision

If you want to create digital designs that grab attention from the moment they open on a desktop or mobile screen, this minor is for you. Learn how typography, visual composition, layout, color placement, and other features attract the eye and deliver a compelling message.

Supplement your creative skills with additional training in written communications. Learn how to pull the words and design together to communicate with power in our electronically connected world.

Program Overview

Gain an introduction to how design works in the digital world through a focus on graphics, typography, layout and composition, stylization, and other disciplines with a minor in Digital Design. Learn to compose and create by hand or through specialty software and how to prepare those works for print production, as well as a range of online media. A variety of courses in this minor will provide a foundation in the fundamentals of illustration, photography, publishing, and web design; and set and lighting design for theatrical performance.

You’ll learn how to work within a set of prescribed style guidelines to create branded themes, typical of the daily work of graphic designers and art directors. You’ll also learn how to incorporate coding, site-building and data analytics to empower you to think, communicate, and problem-solve within any digital medium. Embrace new skills and carry your creative prowess into a variety of employment opportunities for digital communicators.

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Room to Explore

Embrace the opportunity to hand pick electives and develop a program unique to you. Go beyond required courses that focus on theory and fundamentals, such as Visual Design and Graphic Design, to explore various digital platforms such as photography, illustration or webpage design.

Skills That Surpass Software

Sure, experience in industry-standard software is essential, so you’ll explore and even master these tools. But we won’t stop there. You’ll learn to analyze, understand and produce digital messages using any tool that comes across your desk, so you’re prepared for a rapidly changing digital world.

A Living Portfolio

Market yourself as a pro when you showcase the unique digital portfolio you’ll build from pieces created throughout your studies. Incorporate new design skills within your major coursework so you invest more time honing your craft. When you land that coveted job interview, you won’t just talk about your experience, you’ll present the proof.

Contact Information

Dr. Jennie Joiner

Division Chair

Professor of English

(315) 279-5259
[email protected]